I want to sell to my drill rig & tooling, machinery, or construction equipment your company or have you broker out what my company is selling?

  • Please email us the following information for the drill rig or machinery you are selling: Detailed description of unit and truck (include Serial & VIN numbers)? Include information of how your company used the machinery? Include a packing list of tooling, and spare parts included? Condition Report (include hours, mileage on truck, and any major rebuilt or new components replaced)? Please take pictures from each side of the unit, major components, and products included. Include your contact information (company name, address, phone and fax numbers, emails, etc.)? Address of location for inspection (include other contact information if needed)? Proof of ownership provided (vehicle title or bill of sale)? You’re asking whole sale price to us for consideration to purchase or broker to our large customer base?

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Disclaimer: Buyers & Resellers acknowledge and agree that all used or exported/imported machinery, equipment, parts, and product categories items listed are sold "As Is, Where Is" without any guarantees or warranties that are expressed or implied, unless otherwise agreed. We claim no Disclaimer: Buyers & Resellers acknowledge and agree that all used or exported/imported machinery, equipment, parts, and product categories items listed are sold "As Is, Where Is" without any guarantees or warranties that are expressed or implied, unless otherwise agreed. We claim no responsibility for the condition, description, pictures/videos of product items listed. © 2021 East West Machinery Exporting, Inc.

  • Legal Explanation for Disclaimer on the website: We do our best to be as correct, up to date, and honest with website product item numbers listed. Some listings are sent to us by sellers/customers/brokers who we list to broker what the seller has provided us with in terms of description, condition, pictures, and list prices to the market. If product items are import/export, then most guarantees or warranties are voided by the manufacture and our company. Most used, rebuilt, & new condition products are sold "as is, where is" and the new owners claims responsibility of ownership outright. East West Machinery Exporting, Inc. owns, created, and updates the website: www.ewdrilling.com & www.eastwestdrilling.com

East West Drilling, Inc. is a Salvage Dealer of Drilling Equipment, Machinery, Engines, Tooling, Air Boosters & Compressors, Mud Pumps, Heavy & Light Equipment, Parts, etc.

  • We can buy, sell, or broker. We have storage services available for good and salvage equipment to for sale on consignment or to park for storage over a period of time.

For all used used equipments, such as drills, engines, compressors, mud pumps, collars, drill pipes, drill bits, welders, and generally, anything that is used, no warantees or guarantees apply or are given. Any and all items subject to prior sale. Delivery date(s) and shipping rate(s) are estimate only. Delivery schedule can only be established after orders are received. Add Service Fee of $25.00 USD for any payments via bank wire transfer totaling less than $500 USD. Expect a minimum $15 USD packaging fee on all packaged LCL shipments which are shipped 'collect' via a 3rd party forwarder or carrier not assigned by and/or through East West Drilling Inc. shipping department. Additional fees may apply for container loading or other special packaging.

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( EWM ) East West Machinery Exporting, Inc. (established in 1987) History: *East West Machinery Exporting, Inc. was founded by Stelios & Georgeanne in California, USA since 1987 with years experience of buying & selling Drilling Rigs & Tooling, Heavy Equipment, Mud Pumps, Air Compressors, Engines / GenSets, and Parts, etc. We do what is needed to deliver (new, re-manufactured, and used) high quality drill rigs, machinery, and equipment in the best condition possible for sale to our satisfied domestic & international customers. We stand behind the services, finished machinery, and work we accomplish with our globally recognized high standing reputation in the market. We are NGWA (National Ground Water Association) members #: 3163777. *East West Drilling, Inc. founded in 2010 by Stelios & Georgeanne and was established as a division under East West Machinery Exporting, Inc. We opened our Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania USA facility when we first moved in back in the year 2000 doing business as EWM. Starting in 2023 construction will start to expand the warehouse, offices, retail, and loading bays

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Sales Department: *Contact us by phone 949-722-8643 or email for a price quote so we can work with you in selecting the right (new, re-manufactured, and used) drill rigs, tooling, machinery & equipment for sale to meet the needs of your projects and customers. Feel free to search our entire online inventory (Products or Searchable Online Catalog) and let us know which item numbers you need prices quoted on. Contact us for equipment or product requirements not listed online we can locate and quote for you. Try our Search Engine (Search Products) enter one of the following: the model number, part number, or item number you want to find on our website. We specialize in the import / export of machinery, equipment, tooling, and parts shipped domestic or internationally by air, sea, or land. We are NGWA (National Ground Water Association) members #: 3163777. *When contacting us, please include the item numbers listed of what machinery, tooling, or parts you are looking for with the following (Make & Model, Budget Price Range, Final Destination of Shipment), and any other details that will help us best serve your company & projects. Include to us your contact information (Contact Person/s & Company Name, Phone & Fax Number/s, Mailing & Physical Addresses, Email/s and Website).

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Drill Rig, Air & Booster Compressor, Mud Pump, & Machinery. *Contact us by phone or email to inquire on how to set up an account to lease (new, re-manufactured, and used) drill rigs, high pressure air & booster compressors, mud pumps, and machinery we have in stock for sale or lease. We will work with you on selecting the drilling equipment needed for your projects needs. Lease to own options are available.

  • Thank you, have your credit & bank references ready to present to our accounting department

Purchasing Department: We Buy & Broker (new, re-manufactured, and used) Drill Rigs, Machinery, Heavy Equipment, Air Compressor, Mud Pumps, Engines, and Drill Tooling & Parts, etc. listed online. We can help you broker what you are selling to our large customer base by listing the machinery on our website for free (free listings). Please contact us with the following information of what you are selling: Detailed Description (include description of the machinery, list of tooling & spare parts included, condition report with hours and mileage, and capabilities of the machinery) Pictures (from each side of machinery, Interior, Components, and Tooling included) - clear & close enough for our customers & our considerations Your company or personal contact information (include the address of location for inspection) Our wholesale cost if we are going to consider to purchase or broker and what is for sale

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Maintenance Services & Re-Manufacturing Contracts: We are completely re-manufacturing, repairing, and refurbishing Drill Rigs, Engines, Air Compressors, Mud Pumps, Hydraulics, Drill Towers, Cylinders, etc. We can customize drill rigs and machinery to your specifications. In addition, we can install (new or rebuilt) engines, air compressors, parts, etc. For all customers, we can offer drill tooling (DTH Hammers, Bits, Pipe, etc.) in stock. Contact us to learn more with what we can do for you.

  • Thank you, contact us to learn more Re-Manufacturing

Installation Services *We customize & install RC (Reverse Circulation) drilling systems, DH (Deep Hole) systems, slide angle packages with dump mast, and rod handling systems. There are many more installation services are available, let us know what you require with your drill rig, equipment, & machinery with future projects as needed.

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Custom Machine Work for Drilling Products: *we can do custom machine work to manufacture drill tooling (Adapters, Bushings, Subs, and a variety of different tooling and sizes) at our Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania facility. Made in the U.S.A.! *We have Lathe and Milling Machines to get the job done in timely matter once your order is placed. If we don't have the products in stock, we can custom manufacture it for any size orders. Please contact us for a quote with the number of units and different sizes needed for each. *Experienced Machinist on Staff working on customized drill tooling

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Inland Freight Services: *We can arrange delivery or pick up of most any type of drill rig, heavy equipment, and machinery with in the USA. Send us the destinations, dimensions & weight of the load you have with price offered, contact information, and schedule. Note: We hire independent truck drivers for hauling with pick up and deliveries. Email: shipping@ewdrilling.net and ask for the Shipping Department or Email for freight & transportation rates.*

  • Thank you, please contact Shipping Dept at our Pennsylvania office 570-966-7312 between 8-4pm EST.

Professional Paint Booth and Wash Bay Services: Contact us for a estimated quote by phone or email and we can provide estimated quotes. We are dedicated to serving our customers and have added (2) new work bays (extended ceilings space for drill rig work), (1) new professional wash bay and (1) new professional Global finishing paint booth. *We can clean & paint drill rigs, trucks, trailers, heavy construction equipment, engines, and air compressors, etc of all sizes. We will meet all your paint restoration & customize complete paint job with our "Martin Senour" trained painter/s and paint products.

  • thank you, have a team of 3-4 people that do excellent complete paint jobs

We are "Meeting The Needs of Drillers Around The World". We are committed to providing high quality (new, re-manufactured, and used) machinery, equipment, and tooling for sale to the market. Established in 1987 for over 27 years in business, we have worked with many domestic & international companies and industries to ensure we deliver top quality Drill Rigs, Heavy Equipment, Tooling, Sales, Services, and Parts to our customers & distributors. Most of our customers work in Drilling for Water Wells, Oil & Gas, Blasthole & Mining, Mineral Exploration, Geotechnical, all forms of Construction & Drilling, and many other related industries to meet everyone's needs. We are NGWA (National Ground Water Association) members #: 3163777.

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Contact us (Sales Dept) by phone or email for any technical questions or price quotes so we can work with you in selecting the right drills, tooling, machinery & support equipment to meet the needs of your projects and customers. We specialize in Repairs & Services, Custom Installations & Retrofitting & Paint Jobs to get machinery in the best possible condition. Feel free to search our entire inventory listed online (Product Categories) or contact us for assistance. Try the Search Engine (to Search Products) enter the model or part number, year range, and manufacture you want to locate on our website.

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Service Yard with 14 work bays with professional wash & paint booths and warehouse with stock ready to ship out Experienced technicians, licensed driller, machinist, and shipping departments in house We specialize in Repairs & Services, Custom Installations & Retrofitting & Paint Jobs to get machinery in the best possible condition before it departs to next satisfied customer

  • Thank you, our we have an excellent reputation in the industry for our finished machinery sold back on the market!

Browse our entire catalog online by Search Products or Products Categories options using the drop down menus to click on. Search for New Items added frequently from drill rigs, air compressors, mud pumps, equipment, tooling, and parts, etc. for sale we are offering. View our Special Categories of New Products recently added, Featured Products of best sellers, and Sold Products we are proud of on the market. Need assistance in your search for what machinery is for sale, please contact us by phone or email us anytime or phone during business hours Monday - Friday). Need prices or more information & pictures on items you have found, please make a list and contact the sales team to get started.

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To Purchase Parts, Filters, and Machinery Components please contact the Parts Department or Email us anytime. Inform us of the part numbers and quantities you want to purchase, we carry many Genuine, OEM, Aftermarket, and Used Parts from many major manufactures. To learn more, please Contact Us. We are NGWA Members #: 3163777 for 2013/2014

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I want to buy a drill rig with drill pipe, tooling, and parts, or an air compressor, mud pump, engine or generator, construction machinery or support truck.

  • Thank you for contacting us, we have included some questions to be answered so we can better help you. Check our website www.ewdrilling.com time to time for newly updated drilling rigs, equipment, and products being added every week. Let us know which drill rigs, equipment and products you are interested in from our website and include item numbers? What manufactures and models are you most interested in receiving quotes? What is the year range of models you need? What is the price range of budget you are working with? For Drilling Projects how deep and wide (in diameter) of a borehole do you need to drill to a maximum capability? Do you want a top head drive (hydraulics, air & mud rotary) or table drive (mud rotary) drill rig. What type of drilling projects will you be using the drill rig for?

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