0 Mission 4"-12" SD sytle DTH Hammers (Brand New)

Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania USA @ EWD Yard


Mission Style SD4 Hammer (Brand New) with 3-5/8" OD Mission Style SD5 Hammer (Brand New) with 4-9/16" OD Mission Style SD6 Hammer (Brand New) with 5-7/16" OD Note: (Cost Extra) Non-Standard Box/Thread or Change/Pin, Special Flats, Carbide Buttons, etc. will cost extra to change from standard 3-1/2" API reg Pin. Contact Us For Monthly Specials & Discounts Shipping from our location in Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania USA Are commonly used in water well, environmental and oil and gas industries SD Style ranges from 4" - 12" DTH hammers. These hammers take SD shanks in accordance with the size of the hammer. Offered is a heavy duty option with the Drill 6, 6SE, and 8-5/8 Stabilized tool. DTH hammer with easy accessibility for routine maintenance. Their simplistic design keeps the task of rebuilding the tool easy and efficient.


Model4"-12" SD sytle DTH Hammers (Brand New)
Stock Number1936
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