OKM Geoseeker – Water and Cave Detector

Eastern Europe


OKM Geoseeker – Water and Cave Detector This geoelectrical device uses ground resistivity to locate underground anomalies like water deposits or cavities in high depth, up to incredible 250 meters! Max. measuring depth ….. 250 m (with distance of 500 m between 2 of the electrodes) Total weight …. 35 kg Geoseeker Power Box Internal Power Supply … Lead Acid Battery (2 x 12 V, 10 Ah) Output … max. 390 V, 0.5 A, 20 W Geoseeker Controller Power Supply (8 AA batteries) … 8 – 14 VDC1 Effective Range (differential) … -1400 to +1400 mV Input Resistance (static) … approx. 12 MΩ Data Sampling Rate … 4096 Hz (64 times oversampling of a 512 samples mean value) Measurement Period per Scan Point … min. 16 seconds The Geoseeker comes with the following components included: controller power box (built into shock protective transportation case) 2x power cable drum ⌀ 290 mm, cable length 255 m 2x voltage cable drum ⌀ 120 mm, cable length 26 m 8x rechargeable AA batteries Android tablet PC tablet holder 2x extension cable 2 m charger for controller charger for power box 4x electrodes USB power pack with charger and travel adapter detailed user manual Robust and transportable equipment for outdoor usage Availabe thu East West Machinery & Drilling


ManufacturerOKM Geoseeker
ModelOKM Geoseeker – Water and Cave Detector
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