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Eastern Region, USA


DuraDECK Mats, Lightweight, Versatile Construction Mats, DuraDeck is a Strong, Lightweight Composite Mat, Ideal for Temporary Access on Most Construction Job Sites. DuraDeck highly portable access mats are designed to be used as turf protection and temporary roadways or pedestrian paths over otherwise impassable terrain. DuraDeck construction mats provide safe access for vehicles, equipment and personnel. DuraDeck is perfect for a wide range of construction and landscaping applications. Strong Composite Matting that Can Be Reused on Many Jobs for Many Years, DuraDeck is a unique molded HDPE plastic mat that is durable, lightweight, and very strong. Mats are engineered to provide ground protection and access over soft surfaces, while providing a firm support base and traction for numerous construction activities. Each mat is manufactured from a solid sheet of molded material, providing greater strength and shear resistance then layered, hollow, or laminated matting. There are no weak spots to break, chip or separate. DuraDeck mats (86 lbs. ea.) can be carried by one or two persons and positioned easily without special tools on any job site. DuraDeck ground protection mats are manufactured in the United States and are chemical and weather resistant with UV inhibitors that virtually eliminate fading and degradation. Each 4 ft. x 8 ft. mat is rigid, yet flexible to withstand heavy construction equipment without cracking or breaking. Versatile 2-Sided Traction DuraDeck comes standard with a rugged traction pattern for heavy equipment on one side and a pedestrian-friendly, non-slip tread design on the other side. The rugged traction design includes two parallel treads positioned 90-degrees from adjacent treads to prevent equipment spin-outs in wet or slippery conditions. Located in Eastern Region, USA


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