Inpol Inpol-Lube Biodegradable DTH Hammer Lubricant

Mifflinburg, PA Warehouse @ EWD Yard


Inpol-Lube, Biodegradable DTH Hammer Lubricant Inpol-Lube is an ester base compound designed with high molecular weight oxidized polymers. The compound, formulated specifically to lubricate and protect the internal workings of down-hole hammers, giving longer lifespan and productivity to the equipment, all while ensuring that there is no environmentally impact. Inpol-Lube has been trusted by the water well industry since 1991 to provide highly reliable and environmentally friendly lubrication for down-hole hammers. This non-toxic and environmentally responsible compound is extremely durable and economical. Inpol-Lube compound will provide the same lubrication and protection as rock drilling oil while using only a fraction of the amount. Discount available on bulk orders of 20 or more tubes purchased together. Located in Mifflinburg, PA USA


ModelInpol-Lube Biodegradable DTH Hammer Lubricant
Stock Number15069