4-1/2" Class Drill Systems Drill Rod

Mifflinburg, PA Warehouse @ EWD Yard


4-1/2" Class Drill Systems Drill Rod Foremost CTP Reverse Circulation Drill Pipe 20' Length X 4-1/2" OD X 3-1/4" OD) Currently Has "BAD"Steel Inner Tubes Installed (Inner Tubes can be removed by pressing; with PIN down you push out the BOX end) Inside diameter is approximately 3-1/4” ID, if you want to run without inner tubes If inner tubes required we may be able to procure new inner tubes from Foremost on your behalf but would be considerable additional cost Reverse circulation (RC) drill pipe is a dual wall pipe used for uncontaminated, representative and continuous samples It is also used to reduce air requirements and maintain uphole velocity in larger diameter drilling applications. RC Inlet air passes between the inner tube and outer barrel. Cuttings are evacuated through the center tube Connector Tube Pipe (CTP) – A dual tube design, incorporating an outer barrel and a concealed inner tube. Connector tubes are required when using CTP and are manually connected Qty. 140 pieces in stock Located in Mifflinburg, PA USA


Model4-1/2" Class Drill Systems Drill Rod
Stock Number15700