LD Cable Tool Rhino Water Drill Rig

Eastern Region, USA


  • LD Cable Tool Rhino Water Drill Rig
  • Carries enough mainline cable to drill to a depth of 450' feet
  • Bore diameters of 4" to 10" inches
  • Lift capability of 20,000 lbs for casing removal
  • 40 gallons of on-board water storage with a 40 PSI pump  
  • 24 gallons of fuel (enough to drill about 75' feet)
  • Rated - Penetration rates usually range between 2-½-5' feet per hour depending on the geology/ground formations with drilling conditions
  • Light weight water well-producing machine
  • Mounted on a 2 axles trailer
  • Skid mounted and truck mounted options are available upon request
  • One Man operation to setup and operate, easy to use, setup time very fast,
  • all hydraulic,
  • drills thru rock and most ,
  • powder coated paint finish,
  • Honda 21 HP twin cylinder motor easy on gas with three year warranty.
  • Rig made in USA
  • The rig pictured is “new” but was used for some demonstrations and/or is older stock - doesn’t have all the same upgrades as a brand new made to order would have.
  • Located in Eastern Region, USA


ModelLD Cable Tool Rhino Water Drill Rig
Stock Number15388