Simco 2400 SK Drill Rig

Mid-West Region, USA


Simco 2400 SK-Drill Rig Torque 2400 ft/lbs 0 to 185 rmps Can pull 7600 lbs & push 7600 lbs 1800 lbs winch lift Net stroke 74'' Using conventional auger rated to bore a 10" diameter hole 0-100' deep rated for a hollow auger can go up to 60' deep at 3 1/4" to 4 1/4" diameter and 0-25' with a 6 1/4" diameter rated core drill it can go 250' AWX and 150' NWX The drill was mainly used for finding water main leaks, and has received regular maintenance Can be Mounted on a 1995 Ford F-450 Truck Located in Mid-West Region, USA


Model2400 SK Drill Rig
Serial Number2400 SK-Drill
Stock Number15698